A dog called “Dove”


Dove has found a home and this is what she looks like after an intensive feeding schedule and mange treatment…


This is a reach out to all our South African, well Cape Town, readers to help us help someone else during this holiday festive season.

We were just wrapping a location on the Dove shoot for Therapy and Ogilvy in town when we intervened to save an emaciated puppy.

The details of the story are pretty much your standard con, with the doggie posing as bait.

The poor thing was crying from the heat of the ground and had clearly not been fed in a while.

Rena Cotton (Bibi’s vet) has taken the dog to look after her and nurse her back to health (it was touch and go) and in this we have been successful.

We named her Dove after the commercial she was found on and as soon as she is fit and healthy she will need a new home.

This is why we are reaching out to our Capetonian peeps to open your heart to Dove.

Picked up from the hot ground