A special message

It’s not usual to get such a beautiful message as the one that we received from Mariano Gomez, the stylist, on the last shoot that we did with him (more to be revealed later).

Quite possible the sweetest email that we have ever received:


So once again ,(as happened through the years..) thank you for giving the opportunity to work with your team. I was blown away, but I kind of i new was going to be a great experience. Laila( you know is sorted!!!),Melly (that sister we all want have ) and TORBEN. TORBEN : A GENTLEMAN. (the man you want to have on your speed dial …..always!!)

When I mention how I was amazed ,I was, that every time I do a GATEHOUSE shoot, I feel COMPLETE , that my expertise is been respected , and my soul …..just grow up a bit more….wider, brighter.
When I mention this to Torben his response was simple and clear. “IT COMES FROM THE TOP”.
So Bev., thank you for giving the opportunity ,(again) , to be part of your magic.

ME, love. peace. and loads of sunshine.(and thanx for my new t !!!)



Just to say Mario – we love you too and we ALWAYS treat our crew and suppliers as clients. What came out of our season session we did last month is that we need to treat everyone, both inside and outside our company as clients. Clearly it’s working