So Tuesday was the AICP conference in New York. With Boards stopping to publish this year there was a gap in the calendar where the Boards Summit used to be. The AICP saw merit in filling this gap with something of their own to continue the discussions that happened at Boards. Mostly the discussions were around the “What now?” variety.

AICP continued this tradition with Agency producers and EP’s from the around the US gathering for one day at the Times Centre.

What was interesting was that it was not only producers talking but people from all segments of marketing and advertising – digital shops, small agencies, production companies and cost controllers.

What was most interesting for us were 2 things. The best part was having the EP’s all to ourselves in a mood where they were open to discussion. There was also the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists and what with us never being shy to inquire or venture an opinion, we queried Ty Montague about his new company CO: and spoke to the digital boys about integrating agile programming methodology into their marketing and creative process.

Unfortunately we had to leave early to catch a plane to LA but what we left with was several thoughts below:

– The digital boys are going to be in for a rude shock when they have to start negotiating with unions.

– Production people are really smart, inquisitive people that infinitely adaptable.

– What makes a good procurement person is someone who is open to the idea that it is not perfect yet and needs refinement.

– You need to tell people in a building with no 3G signal that there is wireless that they can use and give them the password at the beginning of the day!

– As William Goldman once famously said: “Nobody knows anything”

and lastly Jeff Goodby said something really interesting “If you are doing something unique, you can’t really be butting up against other people”. This applies to both company and creative.

See you next year? For sure!