Corona Update

he South African Government in consultation with industry, health professionals and infectious disease specialists has released new guidelines that will allow the film production industry to open up again.

To all our friends, clients and colleagues around the world: Through hard work, persistent engagement and some absolutely brilliant people on our Commercial Producers Association (including our fearless leader), we have successfully lobbied the South African Government to include all forms of production into the permissions post our Corona lockdown.

So Gatehouse is cautiously open for shooting…

Let’s just be clear though – this is not your normal shooting. At the time that you send a board through for us to look at, we will appraise you of what we can and cannot do.

So please start sending your ideas, boards and scripts through!

Strict protocols have been developed for shooting that will slow down the process and regrettably force us sometimes to seek a different solution, but Gatehouse will always always always be transparent with you as to what we can and cannot do.

We will never say “yes” to something that we think we cannot achieve. The national lockdown is over, but we are not free to do what we want:

– curfews will be in place at night
– no alcohol nor cigarettes are currently available for sale
– no domestic or international flights

As the pandemic evolves and we get flare-ups in different areas, those areas will become no-go zones.

Challenges lie ahead, but that’s what we as an industry thrive on. We are coming up with procedures to ensure a director can have as much control of the process as is possible, while not being here.

We look forward to hearing from you.