Greenpoint Stadium from the inside

We organised for a whole lot of French journalists from Canal + and others to take a tour of the Greenpoint Stadium last week. Thought we’d post some pictures of this simply stunning stadium

Funny that it was French journalists, as it reminded us and them of Stade de France, the stadium in the north of Paris.

World class venue! If this view of the stadium is tempting you to try and book some tickets then contact us at and we can see what we can do to make sure that even t this late stage you can access to accommodation and rental cars.

The massage tables in the changing rooms

The training room where you can play some 2-aside

The walk onto the pitch

The greenest grass you have ever seen

Seating, lawnmower and grass - just epic!

Journalists chatting to the affable head of the stadium.

More pitch and seating...

Posing for photos

Chatting to each other about the magnafique stadium.

"Lovely day for a stroll"

A cell for holding unruly spectators...