Lala ngoXolo Madiba

Last week we lost our beloved Nelson Mandela. Gatehouse is of course very sad that such a great man has passed, but we are heartened by the response of people around the world and especially our fellow South Africans who have again united to express our love of this great man.

We are glad that Madiba can now rest peacefully having lived to see South Africa become a democratic nation for all of its citizens. To see his own great-grandchildren and to see his charity better the lives of many children, who were his greatest love.

Just like the Jews tell the story of Passover to each generation, we must all tell the story of Madiba to our children who came out of 27 years imprisonment to embrace his captors and to lead all South Africans to freedom. His story is an epic of biblical proportions, but we must all remember that at the heart of these tales was a man. A man who showed us that it is not the striving for a goal is what turns a life into a worthwhile life.

RIP Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela 1918 – 2013