Phillips Parallel Lines

Well we entered the competition and unfortunately we have not been shortlisted, but what a great experience it was. It was great to work with some top post people in Cape Town, like editor Richard Starkey and colourist Kim Krause.

Mostly a huge thank-you to Todd Somodevilla, the DP, for being the consumate professional that he is. Without him the job would never have happened.

Also our cast and crew, who even though they were not paid, did magnificently. A huge thank-you to you too. Lisa, Jason, Leon, Luca, Wayne, Haidee, Rochi, Levi and Hirshi – you guys rock!

Here is the movie


and here are the photos from the shoot.

Hirshi and Annie.

Leon reading the card.

Joel giving Luca and Leon “direction”

Crew getting ready to shoot Leon and Luca

Canon 5 D MK II – Love it.

About to slide the camera

Joel and Luca discussing Boba Fett.

Classic shot – the DP crouch.

Final shot.