Photos from the Barclays shoot



Guy Shelmerdine

We shot this spot with Guy Shelmerdine from Smuggler and BBH in Movember 2011. You will see Anil, the locations manager, sporting a ridiculous mo’.

We got to meet Dom and Dave, two of the loveliest blokes and Bev was re-united with Ruben, who she shot with years ago. It was our first shoot with Guy and we welcomed back old friend Gus, as Guy’s producer.

the shoot took us from Belville high street, to horse farms in Constantia and even bike shops in Plumstead.

Terrible mo

cheesy grin

Darrell thinking of the All Blacks

classic car

Kenre with hand in front of mouth

Gus with same

Guy back to behind the camera

Gasp, shock – REAL film

mmmm ice cream

Gus in the sun

Dom wrapped up warm

Ruben’s cheesy grin

David impeccably dressed

Ruben and Chris

Gus and talent

Ruben and Laila