Pictures from the first day of the Psyop shoot

Well the Psyop / Dell / Wunderman / Smuggler shoot is happening at Panalux Studios right now. I went across and chatted to everyone and marveled at the wonder of nature that is the Arri Alexa. We are very proud to have the first Arri Alexa shoot in South Africa, supplied by Take2. We like to think of Gatehouse as a forward looking company and these little milestones make us happy.

Alex from Psyop was directing in the one studio, while Tibo was setting up in the other. Peter Tischhauser was his usual unbelievably professional self and everyone was just loving the images that we got.

Have a look at some photos from the studio…

The agency checking out the monitors

Alex directing hair-flinging grunge revivalist

Peter Tisch and Peter Belcher and their new friend Alexa

Multicultural South African talent at it’s best

Peter in the background and Brad the 1st AD on the right

Mmm filmware upgrade means I can shoot at 60fp/s now.

Agency and client posing for us