“The Gift” by Carl Erik Rinsch

Normally we don’t post videos that we were not involved in, unless they are a funny comment on our industry, but for this we have to make an exception.

This posting relates to the new directions that commercial film-making is taking. This idea started in the 90’s with the BMW-branded short movies and now Phillips is continuing the short movie idea 10 years later. The “Parallel Lines” series of films is a bold new attempt at drawing people to watch content specifically through the portal of Phillips. The main reason being that they are showing off their new 21:9 aspect ratio TV and how cool it is to watch movies in this ultra-wide screen format.

Carl Erik Rinsch, of RSA, who we almost worked with on a job back in November, directed this one and after seeing it we are even more disappointed at not being able to work with him. He clearly is a prodigiously talented director. This is also clearly a short that is being turned into something bigger.

Watch Here

Judging by the Youtube comments, have the benefits of the 21:9 TV been clearly demonstrated? That, I’m not so sure about…