The saddest day – RIP Griessel Mbusi

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to tell you that one of our Gatehouse gang has passed away. Griessel Mbusi passed away yesterday unexpectedly and we are absolutely devastated.

It’s not been a great time over the last 2 years and things just got much worse with this devastating loss. Griessel was a gentle, kind and quiet soul that always had a smile when she saw you and always asked after your family because she genuinely cared.

It comes as a double blow for the family as her husband passed away last month. We are holding them all very close in our hearts. Our sympathy goes out to her children, to Doris and to all her other sisters who are devastated right now.

If you would like to send a message to the family or help out in any way, please email Sinomtha at

Baruch dayan ha’Emet – blessed is the true Judge. The picture on the front of this post is her at Bev’s big birthday in 2018 (l to r: Gabi Frankental, Phumeza Maqala, Leah Wynne, Griessel Mbusi, Rafi Wynne)