We love you too Simon

We just worked with Bram van Riet again and the lovely Simon Chaudoir as his DP this time. Simon is a man of few words, so imagine our surprise when we got this delightful email at the end of the shoot. It turns out that he and Bev worked together years ago before Gatehouse had been formed and the first time that Simon had been to South Africa.


Wow !

You got there first. I want to thank you for making the shoot so

So good to be on a job where the camera could point in any direction,
where we had the crew and equipment to make the best possible shots,
where the production team had the experience and knowledge to make it all
possible, you may not believe it, but that is a bit of a rarity these

And full praise to John Hardin, the man is rock solid.

Yes, I’d love to return and work with you again.